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Game 25 To Life

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP).

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP)
Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer : Avalanche Software | Publisher : Eidos Interactive | 522 Mb
Genre : Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

Here, only the fastest, most audacious, the most desperate may withdraw from the bout victorious. Multifaceted storyline reveals the dramatic story of three characters, the player will have an opportunity to go on different "sides of the fence" - as champions of law and its opponents.
From the graphs 25 to Life should not expect to conquer the new shader-pixel heights, as the project is being developed with an eye on the console and so ... Well, in short, you understand, right? Nevertheless, available at the moment the screenshots look quite nice. Sound effects and musical accompaniment, according to developers, will deliver players a lot of good minutes, with only one subject, or rather a note: "only for fans of hip-hop."


25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP).

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP).

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP).

- Playing for three different characters
- 50 lethal weapons
- Soundtrack by stars such as hip-hop, 2Pac, Public Enemy, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, DMX, etc.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000 / XP / Windows ® Vista
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon
- Memory: 256 MB
- Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 64 MB memory and support for Pixel Shader 1.1 (Nvidia GeForce 3 / Radeon 8500 +) (Nvidia GeForce 4MX not supported)
- Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard drive space: 1.2 GB
- Additional software: DirectX 9.0b and better
- Controls: A keyboard and mouse

Features RIP'a:
- For the basis the original version of the game
- Cut only videos
- Nothing is converted
- Installation takes 5 minutes
- Run the game with a shortcut on your desktop

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP).




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