Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini 2011

Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini

Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini | 383.79 MB

The functions that were included:

Windows Media Player(with codecs by default)Internet Explorer 9(Google the default search engine and start page)Windows Mail(work)Fax and ScanDefender Windows(default)WinSAT(Windows Experience Index tool)all the necessary components for mobile computersGadgets(using CPU / RAM, time, calendar)Games(non-premium games). NET Framework 3.5.1Windows Update and Security Center

Some remote functions:
AccessibilityBitLockerPowerShellWindows HelpAsian languages ??and fonts(MS Office 2010 installed without errors)Some rarely used fontsSpeech engineTablet functionIISRemote Desktop and AssistanceSync CenterWindows sounds, themes(air left)Windows Easy Transfer

Some tweaks applied:
Enable third-party themesAllow Windows Live Movie import from the networkAlways unload DLLDisabled Group Policy SyncDisabled hibernationDisabled web search unknown file extensionsDisabled Shortcut Link ResolveDisabled cache thumbnailsHidden Windows Error ReportingDouble-click speedEnabled Boot DefragEnabled DVD in Media PlayerMSI included service in safe modeFast, in IEIncreased icon cacheCompletion Services Faster ShutdownThe opening of NFO files with notepadRemoved the "Home Group" from Windows ExplorerRemoved "Libraries" from Windows ExplorerRemoved the "Music" from the Start menuRemoved "Pictures" from the Start menuRemoved suffix labelsRemoved the 'Video' from the Start menuRemoved Windows Mail SplashRestore previous folder when you log onShow 'Computer' on your desktopShow hidden files / foldersSpeed ??up access to AVI media filesUnlimited simultaneous Downloads
Autoplay some of the services also changed
:(see screenshots).Note that almost all drivers are removed, and you should have before installing the driver separately(at least the drivers needed for network devices).Drivers that are present in the systemThe basic system driversSound DriverLAN / WLAN driversIf you are a regular user, you will not notice any difference between this and a full-featured lightweight version of Windows 7.The author spent over 200 hours, spending way manipulate WIM, and check it out. Finally,he finished his work (reliable image size from the CD and the maximum number of functions left running) and decided to share with you.Autoattended.xml file is inserted into the image to automate the installation(language: EN, name: Administrator,computer name: IK-PC, time: UTC +2 hours All this can be changed after installation).You only need to specify the partition to install and within 5-10 min Windows must be installed.Burn ISO to CD and use it as a boot disk ...


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