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Excellent XP 2010 V4 Sp3 | 566 MB

Excellent XP 2010 V4  Sp3
Excellent XP 2010 V4 Sp3 | 566 MB

• Excellent XP 2010 V4, Windows XP SP3 Corporate (Retail) that do not want to post-installation setup is built upon activation.

• removing unnecessary visual plug-ins in this release faster and more stable version was obtained.

• Reg settings are optimized.

• Various add-ons were visually superior level.

• The built in themes, wallpapers and screen savers from the slough of other modified systems, from 7 to 70, her man bayanina, Int. Cafe isleteninden to home users, the public sector can use all the visual and functional rating system.

• kurulumdur.Yani completely unattended during the installation does not prompt anything.

• Installation resolution set to 1024x768 resolution and post-installation.

• November 21, 2010 Date and date.

• Current full SATA support was added.

• Too little and the unnecessary components were enacted.

• Very little was added.

• Added the current version is also available Introduction to Youtube.

• Open the problem was solved with MP3 files.

• dokunulmamistir languages and keyboards.


• Added the Windows 7 user pictures.

• Pointers added to the Windows Vista Aero.

• OpenAL plugin was added.

• Added RocketDock 1.3.5.

• A & R Right-Click Add-ons were added.

• Added Copy Basket.

Kel's CPL 9.8.4 • Added bonus. (Annex control panel plug-ins)

• Added Vista RTM Fonts.

• Added CPT v156.

• XThumbs added.

W7 • 10 color themes included.

• Multi-quantity exquisite screen saver included.

• Special selection wallpapers added.

• Added Media Player 11 and IE 8.

• Introduction to Youtube "Live"


Comtrol Test Terminal Program

MSN Explorer


Windows Instant Messenger [Messenger]

; # Multimedia #

AOL ART Image Format Support

Media Center [Media Center]

Sample Music

Pictures and Backgrounds

; # Operating System Options #

. NET Framework

Search Assistant

DR Watson

Manual Installation and Upgrade

Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Out of Box Experience (OOBE)


; # Services #

Error Report

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

Indexing Service


Quality of Service (QoS)

; # Applications #


Internet Games

NT Backup



; # Folder #





• TCPIP Patch applied.

• Patch UxTheme Employed.

• OS Patch SFC Employed.

Excellent XP 2010 V4  Sp3
Excellent XP 2010 V4  Sp3
Excellent XP 2010 V4  Sp3

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